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309 votes

Is it OK to have multiple asserts in a single unit test?

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What are the disadvantages of test-first programming?

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What are the arguments against or for putting application logic in the database layer?

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Worst coding standard you've ever had to follow?

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Should I accept a job if pair programming is required?

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What is the most frequently used design pattern?

21 votes

Working as the sole programmer at a non-tech company

13 votes

What traits do the best managers you've worked for have in common?

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How can I maintain my technical skills after becoming a project manager?

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Killer semi-unique programming language features

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What are the warning signs of impending doom to watch out for on a project?

6 votes

Testing minor browser version compatibility

5 votes

Have You Ever Had To Code "Badly" For Your Team?

3 votes

What are the benefits of using database abstraction by ORM?