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My workstyle can be described as a mix of discipline and devotion to my goals.

After having a bunch of mini-jobs in five different European countries, which enabled me to meet lots of interesting people and learn two foreign languages, I got the opportunity to learn programming in one of the best known Electronic-Manufacturer company in Remscheid (Germany).

In order to become a part of company, I needed to pass a practical test from co-workers: I had to make a Hybrid-Application showing and calculating the distance between two addresses on a map, which were chosen and typed in the app by a User.

It was the first time when I heared words as "Apache Cordova", "CLI", "jQuery Mobile" , "Integration of Google Maps", "JDK" and many others and they were totally strange for me. But it wasn’t the only obstacle standing between me and the dreamed job. The major problem was the fact that I have never had a smartphone so I asked the Project Manager to give me 3 more extra days so I can order a cheap one online. Four long days and nights I was reading, reading ... and reading and step by step understanding the "bricks" that I should use to make that Project. Welcome in the Team!

Having completed my first task, I started intensively with JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS.

Now I am feeling good and proud to be a part of beautiful projects done together with an amazing team.In this short time, I have been working in Front-End with Bootstrap, Foundation, AngularJS. I had also some adventures with Android, using OpenCV library and of course writing some Java.

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