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I am working on a PhD in Computer Science, focusing on system security and reliability and I work as a system administrator for the Department of Computer Science. I also have way too many side projects, many for non-profit organizations, some with thousands of daily users, some of which the source code is visible on GitHub and others which aren't quite ready for public view.

Besides StackOverflow sites (where I have varying activity levels), I also answer questions on the Apache HTTPD mailing list. I used to also answer questions at Protonic.

I am involved in things beside computers and programming too. I am the trustee of W3EAX, the Amateur Radio Association at the University of Maryland. I am the longest continuously serving current member of the Graduate Student Government at the University of Maryland and I represent the student body on issues of technology, security and properly spending student fees. I do consulting for non-profits and small businesses on physical security improvements and obtaining grants.

On the rare occasions that I have free time, I am player #2332367 in the Kingdom of Loathing and I also like old computer games.

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