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1 vote

How to write retry code when failure is inidicated by throwing an error?

1 vote

Why is multithreading not used everywhere?

1 vote

Exposing implementation details to tests

-4 votes

Why don't programming languages automatically manage the synchronous/asynchronous problem?

22 votes

Should a (junior) developer try to push for better processes and practices in their development/IT team?

7 votes

Why is unit testing private methods considered as bad practice?

0 votes

How does one resolve low level types dependent on high level types?

-1 votes

Is there a name for iterating between refactoring and feature development?

2 votes

Refactoring for loop (clean code aspect)

0 votes

How to resolve class interdependence in my C++ code?

11 votes

Is it bad practice to create blocks of code?

1 vote

When do you write the "real" code in TDD?