I took the first steps to learning programming at seven years old, and I have never looked back. Python was my first love, a multiplatform programming language that's easy to read and has excellent documentation. I would study it and build tool and toy applications, which lead me to first professional programming experience at thirteen, and I have been a software contractor ever since. During high-school, I learned PHP to work on an Open Source project, a 3D Racing Game Server. This project brought me to Git and Github for version control and collaborating on other open source projects.

I wrote web scrapers, spiders, and other data mining tools for a price tracking service for two years. These were only twenty/thirty-hour weeks but the work of building product scraping tools is so tedious I started to focus on writing code that would help me generate them.

I have worked side by side university professors and a media team to push out course materials for Python Programming and Data Analysis on a tight deadline. Coursera published the courses as Specialization tracks.

I love collaborating with start-ups, individuals, and consultancies. I am always open to learning and new challenges which can make me grow as a collaborator and software developer, especially when exposed to new technologies or solving unique problems for people and businesses. I have gravitated towards technology as a tool to can the biggest impact.

My web development weapons of choice are Flask or Django if I am working in Python, Laravel or Phalcon if I am starting new projects in PHP and I use Express when working /w JavaScript/NodeJS.

I've been doing majority backend work but I've been studying and focusing on front-end with React and React-Native lately.

I also have quite a bit of experience /w Linux and have built myself a home networking lab to practice Penetration Testing and other security topics as a hobby, so I am very interested in moving into Security or Linux Administration.

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