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40 votes

Prototyping vs. Clean Code at the early stages

20 votes

When you use inheritance to reuse code, do you find it too tricky that it swallows the benifits of reuse?

18 votes

Variable naming conventions?

17 votes

Is a Scrum Master needed on a high performing team?

13 votes

Why use an OO approach instead of a giant "switch" statement?

10 votes

Hungarian Notations/Systems Hungarian Should I?

9 votes

Are there any formalized/mathematical theories of software testing?

7 votes

Advanced learning topics for junior developers

7 votes

Guidance on rectifying a minor bump that should have been a major bump

4 votes

In Agilefant tool for Scrum, what are "Leaf Stories"?

3 votes

Is Scala ready for prime time?

3 votes

Release management software

3 votes

How to evaluate how well one knows functional programming

2 votes

How to report the progress of my project (Agile) to my employer (who is not a programmer)?

1 vote

Scala: From concept to working

1 vote

Do testers have to look at source code?

1 vote

All around design book for a developer (Javascript dev)

0 votes

In the aggregate: how will we maintain legacy systems?

0 votes

How to refactor this code to obey the ‘open-closed’ principle?

0 votes

Does it make sense to use the word 'Set' in a class as an umbrella term for both sets and individual items?