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How to avoid "DO YOU HAZ TEH CODEZ" situations?

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*Code owner* system: is it an efficient way?

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Should I tell someone that their commit caused a regression?

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The Joel Test's equivalent for measuring a programmer

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How do I convince my employer to hire an additional developer without selling myself short?

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How to keep a big and complex software product maintainable over the years?

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Fear of releasing a hobby project - how to overcome?

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Why is it good programming practice to limit scope?

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Are there studies about the disadvantages of using issue tracking systems?

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Is it ethical to use personal code at work?

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How to interview a natural scientist for a dev position?

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How do quick & dirty programmers know they got it right?

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List of reserved words a username can't be?

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Should I use abstract or virtual methods?

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Problems (such as maintenance) in development with unpopular language

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Does MVC apply only to web

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Why isn't lazy evaluation used everywhere?

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Any standards for naming variables in for loops (instead of i,j,k)

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What is the minimum subset of best/well-known practices in software development for a solo programmer?

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Is copy & paste programming bad?

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Is it acceptable to use lambda functions\methods in business software?

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Interviews: How far to go on DVCS experience?

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Some team members don't actively participate in Sprint planning

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Redundant code ok?

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Creating a webservice API - how much "credit" should I give the client/developer

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How to reply to incomplete requests from potential customers?

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Does F# offer anything particularly useful for database-driven web development?

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Is it wrong to take code you have produced at work and re-use it for personal projects?

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Is it acceptable to declare objects of the same type, within themselves?

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Is it OK to Use Dropbox in a Web Installer?

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