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Andrea Bergia
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I'm a programmer. I've been a programmer since I was 10 or so. I enjoy learning about all sorts of programming languages and technologies: from Qt to AngularJS, from Boost to to Less, from Git to LaTeX.

Up to two years ago, I had written most of my code in C++. Now I spend most of my time writing Java, a sizable part writing C++ and the rest writing Javascript. I've thinkered around with Objective-C, Python, Scala, and a little bit of Go during the years. Lately I've written a couple of web applications based on Bootstrap and AngularJS.

I've also spent a lot of time writing SQL and PL/SQL in my daytime job. I am amazed by the performances (and the complexity) of Oracle, especially when you have a big Exadata to play with. :-D

I tend to be wary of over-complicated code - if you can do it with a weird and long one smart liner, or with five easily-readable lines, I'll go with the longer version.

I have worked on real-word, mission-critical projects in Generali, Unicredit, Intesa San Paolo, and a lot of other smaller companies.

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