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I'm an übergeek and a pattern-seeking animal.

I'm an experienced software engineer & consultant with product development experience. Born in the lively Belgrade, working in the lovely Hamburg.

My software background includes working on variety of complex projects on variety of platforms. However, my current focus is the Java platform which I use for web applications, backends to integration systems as well as the Android platform.

My commercial software engineering experience includes projects involving the following technologies, among others: predominantly functional programming languages (Scala, Java 8; looking for a smaller Clojure project), frameworks/libraries from Typesafe, Twitter, Google, Netflix and several non-afilliated open-source libraries, as well infrastructure that's either custom-built private (bare metal, VMs, containers) or public one (IaaS like Amazon Web Services or PaaS like Heroku and Digital Ocean).
The following problem domains is what I enjoy working on:

  • scalable backend systems and service-oriented architectures,
  • distributed systems with multiple interface types - REST APIs and message buses.
  • curious projects (e.g. Android app framework based on Scala and Akka running on custom hardware)

I used to work on larger projects using C++ (network driver development for transparent WiFi encryption using AES/IPsec; cross-platform development custom ORM and Qt), .NET (web and client/server) and Python (client-server and web sites using Zope). I normally don't work with these languages anymore.

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