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Hello visitors.

My name is Enrico and I work as a software developer with an amazing team which is part of Deltatre. We maintain and evolve a distributed web application based on a CQRS event sourcing architecture.

The tech stack I'm currently working with includes:

  • .NET core
  • ASP.NET core
  • Identity Server 4
  • NodeJS
  • AngularJS
  • React
  • RabbitMQ / Azure Service Bus
  • MongoDB
  • Docker

Apart from the specific technologies I have a strong belief that being a software engineer is a matter of passion, curiosity, methodology, attention for the details and mental attitude (bold is not casual). To summarize my point of view, this is my own definition of a software engineer:

A person who solves complex problems using software as the main tool

I think Stackoverflow is a wonderful place and I'm here to learn new things from other people and to share my knowledge with them. The software engineering is probably one of the main demonstration that cooperation and knowledge sharing is a powerful tool to create amazing products and to improve individual skills. This leads to my second strong belief:

Our goal is not being smarter than others. Our goal is being open to share our knowledge and work with people smarter than us, so that we can learn from them and improve ourselves.

There is an immediate consequence:

Cooperation between people is the key. If you want to create an amazing product, you need an amazing team first. The quality of the involved people is the most important predictor of success. People count much more than anything else

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