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I guess the term I'd use to represent me would be Technology Engineer. I've worked in a bunch of languages over the years covering typed languages like C, C++ and Java, weakly typed languages like Perl, Python (yeah yeah, it's not quite that simple) and PHP, functional languages like Lisp and Scala, web technologies like HTML and Javascript, document technologies like XML and PDF (It's worth mentioning because I wrote a library to read and write PDFs from scratch) file munging tools like sed, awk, grep and many others. I've done hardware configuration from whitebox to large x86 and x86_64 systems from vendors like HP and Dell, Blade systems, Network components from switches to security devices and edge routers running BGP. I've worked with Cisco IOS, PIX and ASA, Linux including RedHat, Ubuntu and SusE, Windows from NT4 onwards. I've done SQL RDBMS administration including Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and MySQL.

These days I'm mostly doing Java development with Maven with a side of algorithm work. My math isn't as strong as I'd like, so I'm working on that right now.

I'm a bit of an Apple fan, though I was late to the game. I own several iMacs, a MacBook Air a couple of Mac Minis, an iPhone, an iPad a few iPods two Apple TVs a Airport and a Time Capsule. I like that fact that I can turn it on and forget about the guts of it focusing purely on what I want to be doing instead of fighting my computer operating system and hardware all the time.

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