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Dragon Energy

Howdy! I'm a geezer working towards 40s (although people still mistake me for 20s) who has been programming starting from early childhood.

I sometimes get into trouble on here for "profanity" or being "unprofessional/unfeminine" or what not on here, but I don't really care cause I haven't really noticed any paychecks coming from this site. I don't really put much stock into "femininism/professionalism". I've noticed the most feminine people tend to focus on it the most along with PC stuff, and I am too masculine and insensitive for that by sheer hormones flowing through my veins tempting me to lift things too heavy for me and fail while I make sure no one else notices so as to not hurt my pride. The professional types are usually like, "Wow, that's too heavy, we might break a nail; let's call the ambulance" with their feminine cautiousness, and I get things done by lifting the whole thing for them but my masculine pride sometimes hurts my back.

I lack this kind of "vaginal spirit" that makes people so "professional/feminine" so as to scold someone else for saying something that might offend 42 people somewhere out there in the world. I do agree those "professional/feminine" types are generally weaker, pathetic people and need protection of stronger (and just overall better in every single way) people like me, which is why I am so kind to them (the stronger should protect the weaker, not exploit them; that is our responsibility). But when they ask me why I am not so professional/feminine, that is like a squeaky vegan mouse asking why a dragon/lion hunts gazelles, at which point they should be asking why I am so generous as to not devour them instead.

The way I see it is that I'm not only donating food to homeless people by contributing to this site. I am helping people out of poverty once and for all by giving away the most competitive techniques. I am like such a generous and good-hearted person. I impress myself that way (and the ladies). I am not available to give out autographs anymore. I value my privacy these days, but I might give you a free ramble about some software design topic if you ask me a question. I am like the Mother Teresa of programming, only minus her flaws and while being much better-looking (in my opinion anyway, I don't care about your opinion about my looks unless you are a really good-looking girl in her mid-late 20s with twerking skills to rival Lexy Pantera, in which case I would care about your opinion unless it seems hopeless to match your expectations, at which point I would pretend not to care about your opinion if you don't like my looks even though I would secretly be hurt and care but pretend not to care).

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