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Software engineer, writer, colossal nerd. I've been writing code since middle-school (around grade 8), starting with mods for games like StarCraft and Diablo II. Also loves to share by giving talks, writing blogs, and generally participate in discussions about programming.

Most of my passion revolves around writing code and how to write code well. Apart from writing code, my other passion is in linguistics, of which I'm fascinated with how many languages can affect how we think. This is why I learned a lot of programming languages, e.g. C, C++, C#, Java, Scala, Scheme, Haskell, Javascript (and ES2016), Erlang, golang, and some others. I believe learning how to think in different languages can help us solve our problem better.

Right now I'm working mostly on Java backends while occasionally helping writing vue.js frontend, helping one of the biggest e-commerce company in Indonesia to scale, both in terms of code quality, performance, and the team itself.

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