Technology officer and architect, with a solid trajectory as a mobile engineer developing apps with more than 50 million users.

My main experiences are at iOS and Android apps and their whole ecosystem; this is, mobile architecture and how they interact with OS, servers, CDNs, databases, statistics, advertising, notifications, UX, design principles, etc. My favorite languages and experiences come from Objective C, Java, Javascript and Web Technologies.

I also have non specialized knowledge on other emergent technologies and I like to keep informed on what's going on out there.

If I would describe myself on StackOverflow, is that I like to investigate and test thoroughly before asking any question, thus I have a relative low accept rate or badge xp, most of my questions offer new knowledge and many times they are answered by myself after I find a working solution, if none is provided by someone else.

That is, points (XP) are fun but I do not care very much for that, I'm here to help expand the knowledge of my favorite techs, to learn and overall help myself and others understand how things work and build better products.

I'm glad to help when I am able to or when I find new answers to solved problems.

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