Summer 2013 I realized the necessity of education, so I'm working on it. while for some bureaucratic reasons I cant start the college yet( hopefully I'll fix it soon) i dont waste time and self-educating. Fortunately, i have a few very good friends, programmers who help me, point in the right direction.
So far I've made myself familiar with Perl. (obviously beginner level). I figured how to use databases... Practised to work with MySQL (work from terminal, Workbench,phpAdmin) I switched to Ubuntu from Windows to get familiar with this environment (love it). Yet I had to reinstall system 2 times. completely lost all the data( including huge amount of my pictures, i kept on desktop and didn't have reserve copy)... worth it... scripts and some other not that important stuff. At the time - i keep learning Linux/Unix. really want to know what is it and what to do with it.

I know you guys will help. And a huge 'Thank you' for it!!!

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