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Age 14 - 19: Freelance front end developer and C++ wannabe.

Age 19 - 24: Senior Java Developer at MNDOT, leader of front and back end teams. Bored to tears with government projects.

Age 24 - 28: Senior Consultant specializing in Adobe WCM "CQ." Expert with just about anything Java or front-end related. Doing amazing things for amazing people all over the world. Lots of of fun.

Age 28-30: Kicked off "Epic Gamer LLC," creating the mobile apps of my dreams with any technology that catches my attention. GAE, Android SDK, node.js, etc.

Age 31-35: Team Lead @ Edlio, LLC. Produced node and kotlin microservices with react front ends, deployed to AWS ECS. Also used react-native to create a mobile app that surpassed expectations and had higher quality ratings than our primary mobile offering.

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