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90 votes

Is it a good idea to have logic in the equals method that doesn't do exact matching?

30 votes

Is this scenario an exception to the rule of never storing passwords in plaintext?

13 votes

Is there a conflict between YAGNI and SRP?

11 votes

Is it bad practice create "alias" variables to not use globals or arguments with long names in a method?

8 votes

In TDD, is it bad practice to write helper class for unit tests?

8 votes

What does it mean for an algorithm to converge?

5 votes

When a function can take a single item or multiple, is it better to have more than one function or just one function that takes arrays?

4 votes

Should I be attaching diagrams, wire frames and other design artifacts to User Stories in an agile approach?

2 votes

Alternative to nested-if on single return functions

1 vote

How to batch organize configuration files?

0 votes

What is the name of this "query builder" pattern I am looking for?