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  • Software Developer (C#/.NET/Windows/Microsoft stack)
    • Applications (Windows Forms, WPF, Console, Windows Services)
    • Web Services (WCF, Web API; SOAP/REST; ASP.Net Core)
    • Web Frontend (ASP.NET Web Forms, Silverlight; HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery/Bootstrap/Knockout/VueJs/Leaflet)
    • Networking (TCP/IP, HTTP servers/clients, Web scraping)
    • Database (MS SQL / Firebird / Postgres)

  • Tools of Trade
    • MS VS 2013/2017
    • MS SQL Server 2012
    • NUnit, SVN, Git, NAnt, CruiseControl.NET

  • Application Areas
    • Geoinformation systems / Web maps
    • Physical processes modeling
    • Telemetry / data acquisition

  • Digital electronics (as hobby)
    • AVR MCU, Arduino (develop with Atmel Studio)
    • Telemetry, home automation related projects (sensors, rs485, modbus, ethernet)
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