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115 votes

Mono is frequently used to say "Yes, .NET is cross-platform". How valid is that claim?

64 votes

AGPL - what you can do and what you can't

25 votes

Why can't there be an "universal" programming language that serves all purposes?

9 votes

How should code in version control be stored?

7 votes

The GPL License Mixing

7 votes

AGPL Question about Linking and Derivative Works

5 votes

Is there a good reason to use Java's Collection interface?

4 votes

Is there a GPL-compatible software license for libraries which allows static linking, but requires redistribution of library source code?

4 votes

Can I develop GUI in MonoTouch and MonoDroid with a shared .NET backend?

3 votes

How permissive should a language be about identifiers?

3 votes

async & await - poll for alternatives

3 votes

Which open-source license is right for my project?

2 votes

What backs up the claim that C++ can be faster than a JVM or CLR with JIT?

1 vote

Is it appropriate to only release the GPL-licensed part of the code as open source?

0 votes

Can I use open source libraries in trialware?

-5 votes

Worst coding standard you've ever had to follow?