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Rama Kathare
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An accomplished Engineering Manager with 13+ years of experience in designing and building complex software systems and 2+ years of experience in people management, managing engineers with well-demonstrated leadership ability.

  • Core competencies include, C#, .Net Core, JavaScript, NodeJS, Python, AWS, Azure, SQL, SharePoint, Angular, Microservices, Team management, and Technical leadership

  • Deep understanding of designing highly available, cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, scalable solutions using cloud services.

  • Well-versed with key agile methodologies (e.g. Scrum, XP) and Lean and Kanban software development. Experience in Scrum Master role.

  • Experience in creating a strong team culture of engineering excellence, collaboration, customer passion, diversity, and inclusion.

  • Strong opinions about testing and code quality. Ability to make sound quality/speed trade-offs.

  • Proven ability to influence, manage career and development of direct reports.

I am a problem solver. My attention to detail, strongly analytical, and reasoning skills kept me succeeding.

Engineering Manager, Architect, Technical Lead, or Full-stack Developer, whatever you want to call it, I am not hung up on job titles, I love working together to solve complex problems.

I have got exceptional Engineering pedigree, a passion for building great software for enterprises, and loves mentoring talented engineers.

Currently, I am managing two teams comprising of 15 engineers.

I am looking for an opportunity to

• lead engineering teams and be responsible for driving best practices and continuous improvements in operational and engineering excellence

• define, build, and deliver scalable, performant, and resilient systems that have direct technical, product, and business impact.

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