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Stephen Gross
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24 votes

How do you code without offending?

14 votes

What does "automated build" mean?

6 votes

Can commits be considered too small?

6 votes

Is it reasonable to run processes with CI tools?

5 votes

What language should be used to teach object-oriented design and development in university?

4 votes

Good, simple reasons for having multiple environments

3 votes

Being prepared for a code review as a developer?

2 votes

Is it normal to think about a design problem for days with no code written?

1 vote

Explaining technical things to non-technical people

0 votes

What can be the cause of new bugs appearing somewhere else when a known bug is solved?

0 votes

is it programmer's duty to disable directory listing?

0 votes

Is it a bad idea to ask an interviewer what the greatest strength and weakness of their development team is?

-1 votes

Is there such a thing as a "when" statement?

-2 votes

Does simplicity always improve Readability?