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Started programming in the IBM7040, in the late 1960's, in FORTRAN and assembly language. First assembly language program was RANDU().

Additional machines and languages:

  • IBM360/75 -- PL/1, FORTRAN, COBOL, BAL
  • IBM1130 -- FORTRAN, assembly
  • PDP-8/12 -- don't remember language(s)
  • PDP-11 -- macro assembly language
  • HP RISC -- C, C++, assembly
  • RISC -- C
  • INTEL x86 -- C, C++, assembly (WIN and unix variants)


  • PDP-11 -- Digital Equipment Corp's RT-11 realtime operating system -- one of the architects (100,000 licenses ca. $100M license revenue)
  • HP RISC -- alloca()
  • RISC -- port automount to/from ULTRIX/RISC
  • DG/EMC -- CLARiiON raid boxes internals
  • PHILIPS MEDICAL -- CD booting, build and load O/S (WIN/XP Embedded) and application from CDs for medical ultrasound systems

Other computer-related employers:

  • US Army Signal Corps (SP/5) -- acceptance testing for 600-line, computer-controlled, truck-mounted, touchtone, 4-wire telephone system (ca. 1970)
  • Stratus -- consulting
  • CLAM/Veritas -- consulting/employee distributed file system on unix


  • US Army Signal Corps Dial Central Office Repair
  • WVU BS/CS Cum Laude Dah
  • Numerous additional college and industrial courses in CS
  • Marion County Tech Center "completer" electrical technology course
  • Numerous additional CEUs in electrical field
  • Instructor, Marion County Life Long Learners and West Virginia Women Work in electrical technology
  • Licensed Master Electrician in WV.


  • ACM
  • International Association of Electrical Inspectors
  • ACLU
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