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324 votes

Torvalds' quote about good programmer

257 votes

How do you write unit tests for code with difficult to predict results?

203 votes

Is it always a best practice to write a function for anything that needs to repeat twice?

200 votes

Is there such a thing as having too many unit tests?

187 votes

Why do library developers deliberately break existing code?

181 votes

What does it mean when data is scalar?

177 votes

Is static typing worth the trade-offs?

163 votes

Novice programmer(s) frustrated by lack of a glossary of compiler errors

155 votes

How do you justify more code being written by following clean code practices?

144 votes

Demonstrate bad code to client?

136 votes

Why aren't user-defined operators more common?

122 votes

Is using Lambda expressions whenever possible in java good practice?

111 votes

My office wants infinite branch merges as policy; what other options do we have?

109 votes

Why are cryptic short identifiers still so common in low-level programming?

106 votes

How to manage accidental complexity in software projects

101 votes

Is it the correct practice to keep more than 10 years old spaghetti legacy code untouched without refactoring at all in big product development?

99 votes

Throw exception or let code fail

98 votes

How can I minimize git pain when everybody is working on master?

96 votes

I've been told that Exceptions should only be used in exceptional cases. How do I know if my case is exceptional?

94 votes

What is the reason for using lowercase for the first word in a local variable (eg, employeeCount, firstName)

91 votes

How to ask a programmer a question without getting "Why" as the answer

88 votes

What is generics abuse?

85 votes

Why are reproduction steps helpful for fixing software bugs?

84 votes

How to react to wrong/not answered questions during interview?

83 votes

Programming cleanly when writing scientific code

82 votes

What exactly makes the Haskell type system so revered (vs say, Java)?

82 votes

Why do people fork repositories on GitHub?

81 votes

Is it a good idea to design an architecture thinking that the User Interface classes can be replaced by a command line interface?

80 votes

You're hired to fix a small bug for a security-intensive site. Looking at the code, it's filled with security holes. What do you do?

79 votes

What is the name of a function that takes no argument and returns nothing?

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