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What are good habits for designing command line arguments?

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Why are multiple programming languages used in the development of one product or piece of software?

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Why are there so few C compilers?

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When does it make sense to compile my own language to C code first?

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Why don't Windows/Linux use relational Databases (RDBMS)?

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Releasing open source software too soon

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What is a realistic, real-world, maximum size for a SQLite database?

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Do you have to include a license notice with every source file?

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Why aren't Java objects deleted immediately after they are no longer referenced?

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What is the common procedure used when compilers statically type check "complex" expressions?

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Why are C string literals read-only?

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How to stop wasting time designing architechture

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Programming language where every function call/block is done in a separate thread?

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Why is .NET VM based?

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Do modern languages still use parser generators?

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In software programming, would it be possible to have both CPU and GPU loads at 100%?

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"Ever change the value of 4?" - how did this come into Hayes-Thomas quiz?

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What is actually the difference between the GNU C Library and the C standard Library?

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Why is C++ "this" poorly designed?

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Would it be a bad idea to periodically run code formatters on a repository?

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Is overriding Object.finalize() really bad?

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Resources on learning to program in machine code?

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Why glibc is maintained separately from GCC?

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How can I maintain code quality without SCM?

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How efficient is malloc and how do implementations differ?

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Is a makefile really needed

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How does garbage collection work in languages which are natively compiled?

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Why is SQL the only database query language?

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Limit of the stack

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Why did GCC switch from Bison to a recursive descent parser for C++ and C?

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