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I'm a relatively new developer who likes to solve minute annoyances with solutions that take more time than the problems they solve.

My most used languages in order of most to least use include:

  1. Python

    Used at work and home, one of my favourite languages for its comfortable syntax, platform compatibility, the speed at which it allows for quick development and scripting nature. I use this for just about everything from making quick webservers to test things out, to controlling robotics with single board computers, to utility applications.

  2. Bash

    I use linux, and so I use this at work and home. It's not my favourite language, and for anything more complex I'd rather something else, but it gets the job done for small tasks, terminal configuration changes and quick script jobs.

  3. Javascript

    Mostly used for messing around with TamperMonkey User Scripts to make modifications to the functions of websites I frequent, Javascript is a staple of the internet and.... thats the real reason its used. I really should get all aboard the TypeScript train.

  4. C#

    For the occasional Unity Tinkering, or ClipboardFusion macro scripting, C# is great. Just generally like a better Java with a lot of cool features.

  5. C++ (Arduino flavour mostly)

    I like to tinker, make little gizmos involving 3d printing, electromechanical components and microcontrollers like ESP32s, and for that, no language is more comfortable to me than the Arduino flavour of C++

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