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5 votes

How is a state machine different from any other computer program?

27 votes

Why did Java make package access default?

4 votes

Should the design take longer than code development?

19 votes

Are regular expressions a programming language?

1 vote

Should a complex unifying class be doing computation?

15 votes

Is it possible to reach absolute zero bug state for large scale software?

-1 votes

How can I cope with every increasing/changing number of frameworks?

7 votes

How should my web application handle common errors such as incorrect password, session timeout, etc.?

4 votes

Programming languages classification / taxonomy

6 votes

How to discriminate commented code and documentation comments

3 votes

Method flags as arguments or as member variables?

2 votes

Why should I declare a class as an abstract class?

0 votes

Why are several popular programming languages influenced by C?

3 votes

Why would a company develop an atmosphere which discourage code comments?