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861 votes

Why is 80 characters the 'standard' limit for code width?

232 votes

What's the point of running unit tests on a CI server?

219 votes

Is there a benefit in compiling your code as you go along?

213 votes

Why shouldn't a GET request change data on the server?

132 votes

Is using nested try-catch blocks an anti-pattern?

124 votes

"Never do in code what you can get the SQL server to do well for you" - Is this a recipe for a bad design?

115 votes

Do TODO comments make sense?

111 votes

Is committing/checking in code everyday a good practice?

103 votes

How to respond to a rude bug report?

102 votes

How should a developer reject impossible requirements?

90 votes

Passing functions into other functions as parameters, bad practice?

81 votes

Is it a good idea to always use Google as the first step to solving a problem?

71 votes

Why are statements in many programming languages terminated by semicolons?

70 votes

Explain MVC to non-programmers

69 votes

How to protect source code from remote developers?

66 votes

If MVC is "Separation of Concerns" then why was Razor Syntax introduced?

63 votes

What are some good practices before checking in source code?

62 votes

How important is it for a programmer to have an online presence?

61 votes

Arguments for or against using Try/Catch as logical operators

60 votes

Is it normal to think about a design problem for days with no code written?

56 votes

What is the point of the string.Empty property

52 votes

Using third-party libraries - always use a wrapper?

52 votes

What is the correct order to read these books?

51 votes

Is code reviewing good practice?

51 votes

What is the difference between building and compiling ?

50 votes

Hiring a Junior Developer, What should I ask?

49 votes

What is an untriaged bug?

48 votes

Is it a good practice to name the returned variable "result"?

46 votes

What is the single most effective thing you did to improve your programming skills?

46 votes

Creating database connections - Do it once or for each query?

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