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305 votes

Should we avoid language features that C++ has but Java doesn't?

297 votes

Why is Clean Code suggesting avoiding protected variables?

278 votes

Overcoming slow problem solving due to increased knowledge of what might go wrong

148 votes

Why did SQL injection prevention mechanism evolve into the direction of using parameterized queries?

145 votes

When writing object-oriented code, should I always be following a design pattern?

140 votes

How much freedom should a programmer have in choosing a language and framework?

138 votes

Fixing a spelling mistake in a method name

129 votes

Team constantly fails to meet sprint goals

125 votes

When is unit testing inappropriate or unnecessary?

114 votes

Is it inadvisable to make a function that essentially renames a built-in function?

114 votes

If two individual branches pass unit tests, once they're merged, is the result also guaranteed to pass unit tests?

113 votes

How does a non-technical manager add value to team of self-motivated software developers?

108 votes

How do you track what you and your team are working on day-to-day?

103 votes

How do unit tests facilitate design?

91 votes

Why does the TRACE level exist, and when should I use it rather than DEBUG?

86 votes

Why is agile all about the test-driven development (TDD) and not development-driven test (DDT)?

81 votes

Is my usage of explicit casting operator reasonable or a bad hack?

77 votes

Unit testing classes that have online functionality

77 votes

Does having a higher paid technical job mean you do not get to code any more?

76 votes

What if I will not use Software Design Patterns?

72 votes

How to monitor code review efficiently?

69 votes

Is testable code better code?

69 votes

Why do languages require parenthesis around expressions when used with "if" and "while"?

66 votes

Understanding "programming to an interface"

64 votes

How do you balance between "do it right" and "do it ASAP" in your daily work?

64 votes

Is it bad practice to name an unused variable with a single underscore?

62 votes

Are single-character constants better than literals?

61 votes

Is there any "real" reason multiple inheritance is hated?

60 votes

Why are so many of the numbers I see signed when they shouldn't be?

60 votes

Function guaranteed to never return the same value twice

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