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30 votes

Phrasing a requirement about filename encodings

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Why is 0 false?

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Is error suppressing bad practice?

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How to automatically connect letters into words?

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Are there any easy-to-follow/reliable methods for simplifying code?

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Why can't we use IP address instead of cookies in identifying the client in servlets?

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Two structs with the same members but different naming, is it a good idea?

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Is it effective to review code in language I don't know?

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How can I ask my boss (in a polite way) to comment his code?

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Raspberry pi computer cluster question?

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Explanation of how server-side programming languages are accessed

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How do I avoid cascading refactorings?

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Is it reasonable to null guard every single dereferenced pointer?

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Algorithm to calculate estimated future usage of a defined value

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How to deal with 'almost good' code from a junior developer?