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Experiments correlating code metrics to bug density
3 votes

In the book Code Complete, p.457, Steve McConnell says that "control-flow complexity is important because it has been correlated with low reliability and and frequent errors". He then mentions a few ...

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Best approach for writing a chess engine?
1 votes

For the computer-player-making-decisions part of the game, I can't recommend enough the book "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach" (book website http://aima.cs.berkeley.edu/). Depending on your ...

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Python simulation-scripts architecture
Accepted answer
1 votes

I tend to prefer to represent series of actions as series of statements, which would equate to actual code. That would mean a function with the steps to simulate the activity as method calls on the ...

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How to fix a project with basically no structure?
0 votes

Although it puts a LOT of emphasis on unit-testing your application which, although a very important thing to do, is something quite hard to do in VB6, Steven McConnell wrote an excellent book about ...

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