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Microservices and isolated data storage models
Accepted answer
8 votes

I think that each service should have its own storage. Otherwise you're missing a point of (micro-)services - you can't quickly evolve the service if you're limited by storage shared with other ...

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LINQ vs Data Access Layer
Accepted answer
7 votes

Although you can just put LINQ queries in your BLL this may lead to code duplication. I would still create repositories that will be a wrapper to LINQ queries. This will separate Database code from ...

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How do I showcase my work experience in programming?
1 votes

I don't think you need a 'showcase portfolio' that much, unless you're a designer. What is in your head is far more important. Prepare a good CV that clearly lists the techniques you're used and your ...

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Is Entity Framework ready for production?
0 votes

I would think so. I'm using EF4 code-first (CTP) for developing a multi-tenant web application.

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Which benchmarking software would you use to evaluate the performance of your development rig?
-1 votes

Make sure your new boxes come with SSD drive - developers use their hard drives most (compilation, file search, file copy) and it's the slowest part in the computer. Get a good SSD and you can cut ...

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