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165 votes

How do I ensure that interface implementations are implemented in the manner I expected?

150 votes

When do function call costs still matter in modern compilers?

149 votes

Why should I use a factory class instead of direct object construction?

136 votes

Should we avoid custom objects as parameters?

99 votes

Why was the first compiler written before the first interpreter?

88 votes

Is this a violation of the Liskov Substitution Principle?

67 votes

Dealing with failed sprints and deadlines

53 votes

Is it common to have to iterate on a design due to overlooking problems with it?

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The dream of declarative programming

46 votes

Why can't the IT industry deliver large, faultless projects quickly as in other industries?

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Ninety-ninety rule in practice

41 votes

How can my team avoid frequent errors after refactoring?

40 votes

Why isn't there a python compiler to native machine code?

36 votes

How is polymorphism used in the real world?

34 votes

Are header files actually good?

33 votes

What are the functional equivalents of imperative break statements and other loop checks?

31 votes

Why is NoSQL faster than SQL?

28 votes

When using the Single Responsibility Principle, what constitutes a "responsibility?"

27 votes

Difference between Domain Driven Design and Clean Architecture

27 votes

Is there a correlation between the scale of the project and the strictness of the language?

25 votes

Learning programming language specifically designed for that company

23 votes

Agile methodology: quick and dirty or plan first?

23 votes

Getting coders to do code review

23 votes

how complex a constructor should be

22 votes

Agile - What we doing wrong?

21 votes

How to specify a precondition (LSP) in an interface in C#?

19 votes

Sample code to explain Banana Monkey Jungle problem by Joe Armstrong

19 votes

Historical precedent for why Prolog is less popular than SQL in Imperative Programming?

18 votes

What is the difference between business and application logic?

17 votes

Business rules design pattern?

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