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Christopher Gray
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17 years experience in application development.

Summary: DDoS, WAF, IDS/IPS, Malware, NetFlow based analysis, Automation / Reporting / Correlation / Mitigation - at Carrier / ISP Scale.

Specialties: DDoS (Arbor SP/TMS, A10 TPS, Radware DefensePro, F5 AFM), Web Application Firewall / WAF (F5 ASM), Web application security (Mod Security, General secure coding practices), SSL (key-signing, OpenSSL automation), Security Automation, Network Security, Load Balancing (F5 BigIP / BigIQ), Cisco IOS, Snort, Linux / Windows Server administration, Bluecoat Proxy automation, Fortinet Fortigate administration / automation, Palo Alto administration, Arista

Languages: PHP, Node.JS, Python 2/3, Javascript, HTML5, Bash Servers: Memcached, Redis, ElasticSearch, Github, Docker, BGP FlowSpec, Gigamon RDMS: MySQL / Percona 5.0 - 5.7, Mariadb 10, SQL Server 2000-2008 Webservers: Nginx, Apache 2.2-2.4, IIS 6 - 7.5 Javascript Frameworks: jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, Twitter Bootstrap Platforms: Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS), OSX 10.1-10.12, and Windows Server 2003-2008, VMWare ESXi 5.0-6.5, OpenStack

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