I'm a Java Software Engineer for SambaSafety in Albuquerque, NM living in northwest Ohio. I graduated in May 2012 from the University of Toledo in Ohio, during which I interned at DoX Systems, LLC. as a software developer (and later became a lead software developer). From there, I moved to Albuquerque to work for Ultramain before leaving that job to work at SambaSafety. In March 2016, I moved back to Ohio, but continue to work remotely for SambaSafety.

I have significant Java experience, especially in concurrency, I/O, generics, reflection/introspection, JWS, Hibernate/JPA, EJB, JMS, Spring, Camel, Grails, Groovy, Gradle, Maven, Ant, JAXB, and more.

At DoX, I was part of a small development team developing a plugin-based framework from scratch in Java SE, where I gained most of my experience with Java's (and other 3rd parties') libraries. The framework was a client/server, plugin-based system with multi-platform support (Windows, Linux, and OS X), and used a dynamic request/response system combined with a persistent event dispatching connection to exchange information between client and server. Prior to that product, I also worked on a small EMR system for small clinics that was mostly built on XML, including the integration of an e-prescription API known as SureScripts.

At Ultramain, I was the team leader of the framework team, where we developed new features for the Java EE/JWS based system here. The whole system was processed dynamically using XML-specified views, DTOs, DAOs, validators, etc. written by business developers, and operated on top of JBoss, Hibernate, and Swing.

At SambaSafety, I work as a software engineer on Java and Groovy systems built primarily on Spring 3/4/Boot, Grails, JMS, and REST. The bulk of the system I work with is built around data flow structures and transaction repeatability. I've worked with multiple data formats ranging from JSON to XML; multiple protocols such as SOAP, REST, and FTP; and multiple APIs from different systems, including different state databases. I also do scrum mastering for our scrum development cycles, a role that fits well with my team lead experience at Ultramain.

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