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# I love solving problems through technology, it can be in any domain like pharma, online shopping, AI enabled mobile apps, logistics, fintech, networks etc.

Co-Founder, Chief of Tech

Tech Lead - Products for iOS, Android and Backend
 * AI enabled mobile applications
 * Scalable REST web-services

Lead developer and contributor of NMS developed in Python. 
System scaled in production to 
    handle 40k hosts, 200k service checks.

# Proficiency in Linux, Python, Swift, Objective-C, C, & 
    Java (Android SDK) along with strong concepts of OOPS, Data structures,
    Algorithms & Networking.

# Worked on multiple domains ranging from Python, 
   iOS & Android development, 
   SNMP, Nagios, Linux(RHEL, UBUNTU), Socket programming, 
   DB Administration & Optimization, 
   RESTful design and architecture, Shell scripts, 
   JavaScript, Support and Network communication.

 - Proven ability to manage through others. 
 - Strong decision-making and problem-solving skills. 
 - Able to motivate and lead others in a team environment. 
 - An ability to build rapport and trust quickly with work colleagues.
 - Able to prioritize tasks and workloads in order of importance. 
 - Track record of delivering results with deadlines.
 - Love problem analysis and strategic planning.
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