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176 votes

Why is verbosity bad for a programming language?

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I'm the .1x programmer at my company. How can I best contribute?

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How can I find own replacement when the company wants someone far less experienced?

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Form screenshot for legal proof of clicking one of the checkboxes?

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Is ORM an Anti-Pattern?

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Is there an alternative to bits?

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Worth it to Learn an Archaic Language?

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What is a good way to comment if-else-clauses?

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My boss wants a narrated line-by-line English explanation of our code

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Coding Guideline : Methods shouldn't contain more than 7 statements?

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Why shouldn't a GET request change data on the server?

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Is there a way to combat Sales perpetually overcommitting?

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Alternatives to Professional Version Control

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How do you use blank lines in your code?

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How do you balance between "do it right" and "do it ASAP" in your daily work?

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Does path coverage guarantee finding all bugs?

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Automatic programming: write code that writes code

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Every SQL statement has to be reviewed by a DBA -- common?

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Is perfectionism a newbie's friend or enemy?