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đź‘‹ Hi! I'm Nik Bougalis.

What I'm doing

Working on something new and cool. Stay tuned.

What I've done

A lot! As Chief Technology Officer at Marco Financial, I worked with an amazing team, both technical and non-technical. At Ripple, I led an amazing team of C++ engineers working on open-source blockchain code. At Samsung, I was one of the key contributor to code that accelerated the perfromance of the 8xx series of SSDs. I also co-founded CodeLaboratories, which has been doing some amazing boutique software and hardware R&D.

Over the past twenty five years, I have developed just about everything—from shiny user interfaces to low-level kernel drivers. I've worked on scaling blockchains systems, developed consensus algorithms, coded servers that handle tens of thousands of users, created kernel and BIOS drivers to optimize HDD and SSD perfromance, and worked on early iterations of encrypted distributed storage and backup systems.

My Interests

My interests are diverse. Currently I'm focused on cryptography, security, software integrity and protection and secure computing and storage.


You can find me on Twitter as @nbougalis and on Github. My personal webpage is

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