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Luigi Massa Gallerano

I am a passionate learner and motivated software engineer. I enjoy studying independently new technologies and deepen my knowledge of advanced subjects. Even in my free time, I like reading technical papers and solving programming riddles.

I am flexible and dynamic, and I am able to quickly learn and master any aspect of software engineering. In my M.Sc. thesis, I investigated advanced topics in the field of context-awareness and during my university studies, I carried out various experiments and projects.

I have very good skills in Java and OOP in general. I have also developed using C and C++ and now I am independently learning Python. Good software starts from good design, in that I firmly believe. For this reason, in my projects I always try to apply some good Design Patterns, without losing sight of performance

Beside technical skills, I am also a cheerful person, friendly and open-minded. I have spent a 6-months study period in Denmark in the framework of the Erasmus European and I realized how important and exciting is working with people with different culture and background.