Guilherme Nascimento

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I work since 2008 with technology (see my Linkedin).


I started with web development, with client-side and server-side. In the middle of 2010 I was hired by a real estate company located in my city (with two other agencies in nearby cities) to renovate the company's internal system, as well as the site.

Acting today in this company, and renew systems ("code refactoring"), also developed a web browser itself (based on Webkit, same technology used by Safari and the first versions of Google Chrome) for use of the internal system of the company, I also created 3 mobile applications for Android exclusively for the company, being:

  • Application that accesses the internal system of the company in a simplified way.
  • Application used by engineers and architects to classify and record details about real estate and with this make market assessments.
  • Application for searching properties through addresses.

Acting as a freelancer and in the company I worked as technologies like:

C / C++ PHP (OOP) Java (Android) Mysql PostgreSQL Firebird HTML 4.01 / HTML 5 CSS / CSS 3 xml / xslt / rss Javascript SEO e ActionScript (AS3.0)

I also worked on some open-source projects, taking a small part in the html2canvas project and subsequently having created "proxys" to use with it:

In addition to other smaller open-source projects.

Eventually with some experience I had with frameworks like , and I decided to develop a PHP framework of its own, called Inphinit