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Share Your Experience: Take the 2024 Developer Survey
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121 votes

When should you call yourself a senior developer?

49 votes

Are short identifiers bad?

22 votes

What's so bad about creative coding?

14 votes

Contract Based Programming vs Unit Test

10 votes

What are the common mistakes when you are a good coder in C and PHP and you start coding in Java ? What are good tips when switching?

9 votes

How to measure his own skill in a programming language?

7 votes

Naming conventions: camelCase versus underscore_case ? what are your thoughts about it?

5 votes

Which language features are considered harmful?

4 votes

How is quality important to the programmer, the person?

4 votes

Help me catch up on what I've missed since Java 1.4.2

2 votes

Organizing uncommented, dirty code?

2 votes

Would you still use Java in your next project, despite the whole mess in JCP

2 votes

How to keep your third party libraries up to date?

2 votes

How much to "automatically" do?

1 vote

Should my colleagues review each others code from source control system?

0 votes

How do you organize your local development environment?

0 votes

How do you cope with ugly code that you wrote?

0 votes

Does Open Source lead to bad coding?

0 votes

What non-programming books should a programmer read to help develop programming/thinking skills?

-1 votes

Which according to you are the top languages to watch out for in 2011 and beyond?

-2 votes

What are the warning signs of impending doom to watch out for on a project?