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51 votes

Can commented-out code be valuable documentation?

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Why doesn't Java String have static string manipulation methods?

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Unit testing side effect-heavy code

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Error handling - Should a program fail on errors or silently ignore them

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Why is studying a Lisp interpreter in lisp so important?

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How to use mock objects [C++] without passing them as arguments to functions

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Why are threads called threads?

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So Singletons are bad, then what?

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How to introduce Scrum in a company accustomed to Scrumbutt or Scrumfall?

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Decision making process within a Scrum team

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Handling cases where the message queue is unreachable

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Unit testing to prove balanced tree

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Contract Based Programming vs Unit Test

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Why did Java make package access default?

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Entity Framework Entities - Some Data From Web Service - Best Architecture?

-1 votes

Is short-circuit evaluation a consequence of call-by-name?

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Another way of expressing 'Dirty' coding

-2 votes

How can I explain object-oriented programming to someone who's only coded in Fortran 77?