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You can scroll here.

Some of my spare time stuff can be accessed following these links:

For the lulz: codepen For the serious: linkedin

When I'm bored or need to bullshit about some random project:
github · example 1 · example 2

I really don't like messy code as long as the result is not Mona Lisa

Other stuff i'm working with:

infrastructure i'm playing with:

  • big data services
  • traffic intensive stuff
  • areas where performance is crucial
  • areas where performance is not
  • linux (mostly ArchLinux)
  • Windows (Data Recovery, Research)
  • MacOS (Back when I was at GoDaddy)
  • embedded devices (custom firmware, smart home, automation)

Languages I tend to use:

  • Javascript (at Work and for Fun)
  • C / C++ (for Fun.. Valve Source Engine Development etc.)
  • C# / Java (luckily not at Work anymore. I need rapid prototyping capabilities)
  • Rust

Libraries / stuff I'm working with:

Libraries / stuff I used to work with:

  • Ember.JS / Ember CLI (I've read it's sourcecode a couple times too)
  • Spring MVC
  • RichFaces / PrimeFaces / JSF (Glad I don't work with this crap anymore)
  • SOAP
  • lots of stuff I want to forget or just forgot…
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