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Stuff you should have learned in school but didn't pay attention to at the time
36 votes

Functional programming. At the time it seemed like a swarm of parenthesis that couldn't do anything useful. Now that lambda expressions are finding their way into widespread use, I've had to retrain ...

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What does Google or Microsoft get by hosting JS files on their Content Delivery Networks (CDN)?
Accepted answer
16 votes

Goodwill Training ease for their products (tutorials don't fail because of misplaced file) Net traffic analysis

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LINQPad still being used much out there?
10 votes

I use LINQPad all the time. Not just for LINQ but also as a sort of C# interpreter scratch pad. Even with Intellisense sometimes I need to quickly try out a command to see if the results equal what ...

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Will Java catch up with C#?
5 votes

The big question mark here is Oracle. Sun really slowed things down for Java over the past half a decade or so. The hope of many in the Java community was that Sun would spin off Java or sell it to ...

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How to deal with people who don't want to share knowledge?
3 votes

If you're ok with being a bit manipulative, when they ask for more than two days off in a row, tell them that their special knowledge is too valuable for them to be away from the company that long. If ...

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Decompilers - Myth or Fact?
3 votes

The hardest binary to decompile is the binary you don't have. With more and more software moving to an online subscription model, reverse engineering the client has some value but won't give away ...

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Why do companies want you to register with their program?
2 votes

For an individual or a small company giving away a free product, it might simply be nice to know how many people are using the software they took the time to develop.

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Defect statuses: "WON'T FIX" vs "Cancelled"
1 votes

Cancelled seems to imply that either a fix was started but then stopped, perhaps because it turned out to need more resources than originally thought and more than the defect justifies or that the ...

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Where was "async" all these days?
-1 votes

Multiple cores have made it async a much more useful language feature. Instead of being merely a way of easily swapping out tasks, it is an easy way to have multiple tasks going on at the same time. ...

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