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Stuart Golodetz
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Enthusiastic computer scientist and somewhat sporadic author of articles for ACCU journals.

Likes: games programming, challenges, learning new things, code craftsmanship, watching people achieving to the best of their ability, Git.

Dislikes: untidy code, weak architecture, bad software processes, indifference, technological fads.

Very quick bio: My D.Phil. was in medical image segmentation at the University of Oxford. I then worked in industry for a bit, doing credit risk management at SunGard and software analytics/logic programming at Semmle. After returning to Oxford for the first time, I spent a few years working as a postdoc on computer vision and SLAM. I then spent a couple of years running a research group for an autonomous driving startup called FiveAI. I've since returned to Oxford for the second time, where I'm currently working on UAV SLAM and related topics.

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