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38 votes

Is it good to review programs with seniors and boss even if it is working fine?

17 votes

Can software licensed under GNU General Public License v3 be sold by the original author?

16 votes

Why it is called "hash table", or "hash function"? Hash doesn't make any sense to me here

12 votes

Developers blocked by waiting on code to merge from another branch using GitFlow

9 votes

Too much version control and bug tracking overhead per change?

8 votes

Emacs and "self-reinforcing performance"

6 votes

Spec Writing Management

3 votes

Amount of man hours to write a social network

1 vote

When is a version control commit too large?

1 vote

Tricky logic puzzles - Are they really useful in assessing programming skills?

1 vote

Dangers of huge monolithic application

1 vote

What exactly makes code "clean"?

1 vote

How frequently do you switch mode?

-2 votes

When is a BIG Rewrite the answer?