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SO has become so toxic that I'm giving up on trying to help here.

Example 'expert' talking about their opinion as if it were fact:

Me: (Answers a question concisely and correctly)

Nitpicker: You shouldn't use xyz, it's against best practice. See this blog post. (links to own blog post on own website presenting their own view as fact, best practice, or industry standard)

Me: That is just an opinion and not relevant to my answer.

Nitpicker: It's best practice.

Me: (It really isn't but I can't be bothered. Delete my answer and give up)

Example comment on a question or answer:

Me: Comment related to post.

Nitpicker1: That doesn't factor in XYZ (unrelated to what I said).

Me: That's not what I was talking about, I was referencing ABC.

Nitpicker2: That doesn't factor in XYZ (still unrelated to what I said).

Nitpicker1: Yes but XYZ is important here.

Me: This is nothing to do with my comment, I was talking about ABC only like OP said.

Nitpicker2: Well XYZ is important because of this reason that is nothing to do with OP's question or your comment.

Nitpicker1: If me and Nitpicker1 agree, you are at fault clearly.

Me: (Deletes all my comments and swears again to stop helping people here)

Example MySQL answer with comments:

Me: (Writes incredibly detailed answer to a question, breaking down the answer into sections with explanations for why the syntax is required at each point)

Nitpicker: Downvoted because this isn't ANSI-SQL. You should change DEF to GHI

Me: The user is writing this in MySQL and is using MySQL functions in their query. The syntax is perfectly valid for their use in MySQL.

Nitpicker: It should be ANSI-SQL compliant.

Me: (Deletes answer and tells myself again not to help here any more)

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