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In programming, "cross-language" or "multi-language" refers to features that operate across multiple programming languages.

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Should I use the "die" idiom in C++?

If we implement the following function: template <typename... Ts> [[noreturn]] inline bool die(std::string_view message_format = "", Ts&&... args); We can then write: if (...
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Cross platform/language library [closed]

Im going to be rewriting a library from .net to something that can be used on different platforms (Mac, Linux, Windows, Android). But i am also hoping that it can be used accross languages (c#, python,...
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how to implement cross-platform / cross-technology system in common practice

Reading and observing some of the startups and well-known services, almost every time I found that people there are using cross-technology system in their architecture. For example like Twitter, used ...
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What should be in a PIMPL?

I am kinda trying to implement a windowing library in C++, the circumstances are forcing me to implement it all myself, that's not the point of this question however. My question is: What should be ...
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Passing notifications between programs written in different programming languages

I work in a team of people with experience in varied programming languages. Recently we were required to build a report when an order is placed in our system. Our ecommerce store runs on PHP and the ...
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