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Drupal is an open source CMS framework written in PHP. Its flexible framework structure allows developers to easily attach customized addons.

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CSS Methodologies for a Few Classes

We've been using BEM for several Drupal CMS projects quite successfully. This means we've been following a frontend-first approach where frontend developers specify the HTML, which is then implemented ...
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How to prevent website from hanging on because external web service is unavailable?

A Drupal website is using external Rest API service. The problem is that in a rare occasion when the Rest API service loses database or crashes for whatever reason, that causes the Drupal website to ...
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php CMS from scratch vs open source

Problem: We have to develop a CMS for our sites. The sites are kind of different, but they have common parts. We need to use our external user system and permissions, the menus are different for each ...
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Can I execute a query in a catch block of try-catch? [duplicate]

I want to confirm the right approach of using try-catch exception handler. I have written a query in a try block, and if any exception is thrown, it will execute a query in a catch block. Is this ...
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Is it okay to just add a page or two PHP page to add some functionality to a Drupal site?

I'm not familiar with Drupal, really. I can dig around the admin interface and navigate the directories and find the files that I need to just fine as well. What I'm really not familiar with is ...
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Can I demand code quality on a project I've gotten

I have been given a Drupal project from an external web agency and have been trying to becomer wiser on both Drupal and their approach of making a site. With time I've learnt a bit morer about Drupal, ...
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How deep should we dive into testing different layers, i.e. Drupal's db_query?

We use Drupal 7 as our base CMS tool. For one specific product, something like an ERP, we've created sort of a non-drupal layer, to keep our specific business code in. It would be something like ...
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How to structure git repositories for project?

I'm working on a content synchronisation module for Drupal. There is a server module, which sits on ona website and exposes content via a web service. There is a also a client module, which sits on ...
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How can I move a team from C# ASP.NET development to PHP development using Drupal?

I have a team of skilled C# developers with vast experience in creating ASP.NET MVC applications. We will soon be starting a new big web site project based on the Drupal platform. My developers do not ...
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What Part of Your Project Should be in Source Code Control?

A fellow developer has started work on a new Drupal project, and the sysadmin has suggested that they should only put the sites/default subdirectory in source control, because it "will make updates ...
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Could I learn more about programming from deconstructing drupal rather than continuing with ZF? [closed]

When I was deciding how to go about learning to design PHP web applications, it made sense to sort of shoot toward the middle and go with Zend Framework so that I could be closer to the lower level, ...
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Should I build my own CMS or rely on a pre-built one? [closed]

Related: As a beginning programmer, should I favor building my own libraries over using 3rd-party libraries? As an intermediate to advanced level PHP web-developer and a young one at that (15yrs.), ...
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Questions and Concerns About Using Java/Tomcat and Apache

I am having to use Java due to needing one backend library. Is it still considered good practice to set up Apache as the front-facing server and have Tomcat behind it? I am spending a lot of time ...
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Why do Wordpress & Drupal serialize the DB data?

I've recently went through manually editing some tables on a Wordpress website. I've also had some experience with database internationalization so I know that serializing is not the best (IMO) ...
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Explaining Drupal to a Programmer [closed]

(Apologies in advance for the vague and miasmic question) Is there a book, or other resource, there that can explain using Drupal, The System, to a web app oriented programmer? I've read through the ...
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