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How booking system works

I want to do movie ticket booking and event ticket booking. In that how to avoid duplicate booking in short cuncurrency. I have five seats remaining in my event. Two user comes both will see 5 ...
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Authenticate Joomla user from an external app based on Node.js, Javascript and MongoDB

I have an iOS App which currently pulls in all the data from the MongoDB using a Node.js server. Currently my API / my node server handles all the data manipulation the iOS app/Swift only displays the ...
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Is this pattern of optional dependency injection sound? [duplicate]

A lot of the time when working on legacy code bases, I find it hard to move manually created dependencies to the constructor parameters, because of a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's because the ...
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Joomla Secondary Users

Background I have a joomla based application. My customers sign up and they register as a user on the site. My customers (primary customers) then have their own space on the site that they can then ...
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Should we use an outside CMS?

I work at a web design/development shop. Everything we do is centered around the Joomla! CMS. I'm a bit worried-if anything goes wrong with Joomla (major security flaw revealed, Joomla folds and ...
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Framework for developing front-end with back-end as REST

Currently I'm developing the back-end of a PHP application using Recess Framework. I'm almost done and I now need to do the front-end. I have many alternatives and I prefer a CMS. The alternatives in ...
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Develop on the lastest and greatest or stick with the well documented version?

Should I develop on the latest and greatest 1.7 version of Joomla or stick with the well documented version of 1.5? I'm new to Joomla (and webDev in general), so I bumble around, search online, and ...
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Joomla or development from scratch? [closed]

As someone who has very little experience in it, I would like to know what makes you think that Joomla can fulfill all you requirements?. What makes you choose it over development from scratch (or ...
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Need help deciding if Joomla! experience as a good metric for hiring a particular prospective employee [closed]

My company has been looking to hire a PHP developer. Some of the requirements for the job include: an understanding of design patterns, particularly MVC. some knowledge of PHP 5.3's new features. ...
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