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MariaDB is an open source database server that offers drop-in replacement functionality for MySQL.

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Data backup/slave node with replicated data, to be writeable while master is offline

I'm developing and designing a system which runs mostly on intranet of client companies. The system consists of one main database which is MariDB, for now one web-application as system management and ...
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How do you work with closing pools/connections?

I wanted to know when you are done processing some query or transaction do you usually close a connection only? do you close the pool? or do you close both? Does it even matter which one you close? ...
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Is deterministic SELECT possible without specifying an ORDER BY?

When we show a table with many thousands of records, we only show a small part of the total result set so as not to send too much data to the client at once. Clients can request more parts of the ...
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Database dictionary table versus code defined enum

For the following table structure, for the metric_id column, what are the advantages of having a JOIN dictionary table versus an ENUM dictionary defined in the code? Assuming the metrics dictionary is ...
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DataBase design generated by hibernate Many to Many for MariaDB

Hi I am in middle of designing DB and Got a little bit confused about DB Design. I am Using Hibernate as ORM Tool ahd mapping between Page and Step entity in hibernate. @ManyToMany(fetch = FetchType....
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Why are unnamed placeholders recommended over named ones?

While setting up a nodejs server with a mariadb database, I found this: While the recommended method is to use the question mark placeholder, you can alternatively allow named placeholders by ...
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Using mysql's\mariadb's root user for development on a docker development environent running multiple application instances

I have setup a docker-based development environment having the following images as you can see in docker-compose.yml: version: '2' services: phpBB_dev: build: context: . dockerfile: ...
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Amazon RDS read replica without support from application [closed]

I'm very new to this,so please correct if I'm wrong. I've understood that with Amazon RDS one can create read replicas and use those for all read-only operations. This helps scaling the application a ...
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One table for all transaction VS. Table for each user

I'm making a website which has to do with money transactions. Everything was okay untill I came across the dilemma Should I have one table to store all transaction history or I should have a seperated ...
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What's the difference between MariaDB and MySQL?

What's the difference between MariaDB and MySQL? I'm not very familiar with both. I'm primarily a front end developer for the most part. Are they syntactically similar? Where do these two query ...
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